GUIDES - Actividades, excursiones y visitas guiadas en Praga


We are a team of Spanish speaking guides in love with our work. We are passionate about learning new things, further developing our knowledge about our beloved Prague and offering higher quality information to our customers. We intend to fulfill our highest goal in each and every one of the tours we offer: to feel the pleasure of a job well done and, of course, not to leave our customers unhappy. In the present day, we fulfill it and we intent to continue doing it.

We are a team with long experience in excursions in Prague and its surroundings. We combine the wisdom and knowledge of local guides with the freshness and spontaneity of Spanish and Hispanic guides to offer our clients what best suits their preferences.




We offer the most diverse practical information so in few hours you will be able to move around the city independently either you wish to find your way or get lost. We also provide general information about the country, its beautiful capital ... its history, its legends and its secrets. We show you from the most emblematic places to the most unknown, places to take unforgettable photos or simply enjoy the best views.

Jan Menšík is a local guide who knows the city like the back of his hand, and with more than twenty years of experience in Prague he says that the city still continues to surprise him. His ideal is to present the city as it is presented to his children, in a natural way and without losing detail.

Adolfo Chávez is a local guide who loves music

, history, culture and sports. He arrived in Prague when it was still Czechoslovakia, in 1992. According to him, he was fascinated by the beauty of Prague from the first moment and over the years he also fell in love with the other historical cities of the Czech Republic . According to him, it is a feeling that despite the years does not leave him and that motivates him every day to carry out his work with passion and enjoy at the same time the beauty of Prague.

Óscar Navarro has lived in Prague for 4 years, is passionate about theater and culture. 3 years of experience in Prague as tour guide have made Óscar the ideal guide to visit both Prague and Karlovy Vary, a town in which he specializes. Learn about Czech culture, history, architecture and, of course, also some anecdotes about the city and its main monuments.
Jarka Šimková is an official guide of Prague since 2010, she has a degree in humanities and is in love with every corner of Prague. This native of Prague enjoys presenting her city and transporting the visitor to the history of a magical city of countless legends and myths.

Cristina Cuartero is one of our assistants. Cristina studied management of tourist accommodation, came for internship to Prague and could not leave, she felt in love with the city. She loves meeting people, animals and discovering new places, she is the one that always recommends the best places to have a beer in the city.

Eva Roncero is one of our assistants, This only 21 years old Albaceteña arrived in Prague with much desire to grow and in the end, she fell in love with this city and decided to stay. Eva studied tourism and says that she enjoys her work more and more, loves to meet people and offer a personalized service, since she knows very well each of our activities and, of course, this wonderful city.